Monday, April 4, 2011

Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary

Today I turn 25.

In commemoration of this, a clip from an Aqua Teen Hunger Force ep that I like (and is also related)

( been a shitty day so far hahahaha so here's hoping things turn up.)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New camera, hueg pics

New camera, new pics. Bought the girlfriend this awesome little Sony camera. It takes pretty awesome pics! I wish I had more time to crop a few parts of the pics we took to show off all the detail in full rez without having to open the image separately, but for now, click em and enjoy~! You can see the shrimp's eyes and mustachio!!

Lastly our new tank resident, a blueberry gorgonian

click and zoom in on these! Second pic might not be as nice cause i had to use photobucket but, eh~!

Lastly, please visit and follow my new blog,

Monday, March 28, 2011

Return to the internets

Sorry for the very very long absence, lots of stuff happened this past month+ ...
for the time being, wanted to make a new post to let y'all know I am starting a new blog along side this one,

This blog isnt disappearing, I am just going to change things around a little, it seems like it might be better for me to have multiple blogs I guess...yup.
Anyway, here's a photo from the new blog, go there and start following it~!! I hope you enjoy~!
(its hueg, I know... new camera~!!)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Legend of Zelda - Twenty Five Years

Thank you for 25 years of video game excellence
created by Ag+ of pixiv
Also, thank you for this:

I will be making my rounds on all my followers' blogs later today, just wanted to share this.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


norwegian black metal bunneh

for the nerds:

Ok people. Here's the deal...

I have 4 invites to I would love to share with whoever wants em cause the site is awesome, just plain freakin awesome, especially, if like myself you enjoy certain imageboards. Even more so if you enjoy(ed) THAT particular imageboard.

What is you ask? why its a site to "share and play with images". The site has its own photoshop-like tool built in so you can "remix" any picture you upload or see on the site. 

So how do you get that invite working? Well, its a little bit of a hassle atm but eh, IMO its worth it.

1- go to 
2- request invite
3- email (me) your facebook info so I can friend you.

Once I have friended you, I am able to use an invite on you. Sadly there is not an easier way to do this at the moment, but eh! juss doo eet~! >:3

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm gonna take you for a ride!

I'm gonna take you for a ride!
I'm gonna take you for a ride!
I'm gonna take you for a ride!
I'm gonna take you for a ride!
I'm gonna take you for a ride!
I'm gonna take you for a ride!

You get the idea.... bought MvC3 over the weekend, tons of fun. Do you own this game? maybe a PS3 as well? post your PSNid so that I may challenge you and take you for a ride (read: mop the floor with your ass~! haha!!).

Anyway... there's not much going on here that's good or newsworthy... The store I work at closes on the 28th and I will be having to work at our south-side location which totally blows as I will no longer be able to browse the interwebs freely and stuff.. but oh well.. most good things come to an end if not all of them huh?
Here's hoping I can find a better job somewhere else cause fuck 40mi commute every single day.

That and then a bunch of family related bullcrap that I may or may not talk about in detail next post. Either way, everything has me feeling like this:

But at least soon it will be 6 so that I can feel like this:

 (a little something I shooped up on