Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Legend of Zelda - Twenty Five Years

Thank you for 25 years of video game excellence
created by Ag+ of pixiv
Also, thank you for this:

I will be making my rounds on all my followers' blogs later today, just wanted to share this.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


norwegian black metal bunneh

for the nerds:

Ok people. Here's the deal...

I have 4 invites to I would love to share with whoever wants em cause the site is awesome, just plain freakin awesome, especially, if like myself you enjoy certain imageboards. Even more so if you enjoy(ed) THAT particular imageboard.

What is you ask? why its a site to "share and play with images". The site has its own photoshop-like tool built in so you can "remix" any picture you upload or see on the site. 

So how do you get that invite working? Well, its a little bit of a hassle atm but eh, IMO its worth it.

1- go to 
2- request invite
3- email (me) your facebook info so I can friend you.

Once I have friended you, I am able to use an invite on you. Sadly there is not an easier way to do this at the moment, but eh! juss doo eet~! >:3

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm gonna take you for a ride!

I'm gonna take you for a ride!
I'm gonna take you for a ride!
I'm gonna take you for a ride!
I'm gonna take you for a ride!
I'm gonna take you for a ride!
I'm gonna take you for a ride!

You get the idea.... bought MvC3 over the weekend, tons of fun. Do you own this game? maybe a PS3 as well? post your PSNid so that I may challenge you and take you for a ride (read: mop the floor with your ass~! haha!!).

Anyway... there's not much going on here that's good or newsworthy... The store I work at closes on the 28th and I will be having to work at our south-side location which totally blows as I will no longer be able to browse the interwebs freely and stuff.. but oh well.. most good things come to an end if not all of them huh?
Here's hoping I can find a better job somewhere else cause fuck 40mi commute every single day.

That and then a bunch of family related bullcrap that I may or may not talk about in detail next post. Either way, everything has me feeling like this:

But at least soon it will be 6 so that I can feel like this:

 (a little something I shooped up on

Friday, February 18, 2011

What I did at work today... and yesterday...

Have you people heard of ? Well, its um.. it is. I got my invite for the beta in my email yesterday and all I can say is its so freaking amazing and fun~! And it looks like it'll only get better~!

What it is is an imageboard of sorts. When you post an image, people have the option of "remixing" it using either their own software or the painter app that is on the site. The app itself is very easy to use, and tho it is lacking some functions that I consider important such as zoom, it is a work in progress and new stuff is being added every day.

So...... This is what I have been doing at work over the last couple of days hehehe... :


"zubat country"


"the internets"

"It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again"

"Nobody expects the paranormal spanish inquisition"

"self explanatory"

"all these limes, why can't I carry them?"

"We need to go derper"

                                                                       Well? are you?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sheep in the Big City

The Secret Military Organization under the command of General Specific has built a sheep powered ray gun. The sheep escapes. Hilarity ensues. Sheep in the Big City is a Cartoon Network cartoon by Mo Willems from back in 2000. I personally loved this show. While the humor may be somewhat.. well.. stupid, I really enjoy the whole play on words thing. Plus overall I just think its one of the funniest cartoons ever... shame it never got released on dvd or anything else for that matter!

The show follows sheep's daily life in the big city while dodging General Specific and Private Public among others. Fake commercials, ranting Swede, randomness. But so... baaaaaah. I dunno. The show is hilarious in a way that it is so bad its good. Here's a few examples:

Disco Sheep - (This is one of my favorite parts of the series)

Shrimpola Cola -  (this happens about 3 times in the series, shrimpola cola man... yeah...)



Hope you guys watched these and enjoyed. My most favorite part of the show, however, is the end.. but that is for next post. >:3

Monday, February 14, 2011

Delicious Murder~♪

Happy V-day peoples~! Had a super busy weekend so y'all will have to excuse me for not postan here or on y'all's blogs but I shall make up for that today.

What is everyone doin for V-day? ... or is it forever-alone day? (not for me~! bwahaha)

Actually, not doing much of anything today, as I celebrated Valentine's with my girl yesterday. I love cooking, so I made her a rather special dinner-- Grilled Live Maine Lobster with Tarragon Beurre Blanc served with baked potato and roasted asparagus:

Also, bought some new wine glasses and some wine, of course. Overall had a very good time heheheh... >:3

For anyone curious, lobster at home is muchmuchmuch more affordable than at a restaurant and it is so easy to prepare, to me its a crime to do anything but. Sooo... here's how to do what I did:

For Tarragon Beurre Blanc:
In sauce pan, reduce a cup of white wine, 1/4 cup (or less) lemon juice, and 2 finely chopped shallots till it becomes about 2 Tblspn of liquid. At this point, add 1Tblspn heavy cream and whisk. Reduce heat to low and add 1.5 sticks of butter. Butter is to be cubed and whisked in one cube at a time, whisking constantly to reach an emulsion. Once butter has been fully integrated, take it off the stove and set aside for later.

For Baked Potato:
Take large potatoes and wash thoroughly. Poke a few times all over with fork, then rub with vegetable oil and coat potatoes in salt. Bake in oven for about 1.5 - 2 hours, depending on how big the potatoes are.

For Roasted Asparagus:
Take asparagus (1/2 lb to a lb) and cut off bottom if woody. Put on baking sheet and rub with olive oil. Season with salt and pepper (lightly!). Broil in oven on high for approximately 12 minutes. The GF likes thin asparagus but any kind will do, thicker ones might require a longer cook time, but not by much.

For Lobster:

Place lobster on cutting board, preferable in or around the sink because you are about to make one hell of a mess. Seriously, lobster crab will be everywhere. Also, this is not for the squeamish. Natalie, if you are in fact reading my blog please stop here. <3

Place lobster on cutting board facing you. With a VERY sharp knife, make a cut into the lobster starting at the head area, to kill it fast, then move on throught the rest of its body. After cutting, you might need to use your hands to snap the shell, freeing the two halves from each other. Once split, you want to remove the greenish and yellowish guts inside the head area. If you got lucky and your lobster has any pinkish or redish innards you can leave those in as they are tasty, especially the redish one, as that would be the roe (it also means the lobster is a girl~! how 'bout that!?). Once that's done, remove the claw from each half and use the back of a knife to make cracks in the claw to make it easier to eat later on. You might want to put the claw in a bag before you smack it to keep lobster parts from flying everywhere... in fact you straight up should not do this without a bag... and do it in the sink.
Lobster on grill at night.
Once split and cleaned, place lobster on plate, shell side down. Season with salt and pepper, and drizzle with olive oil. Heat up grill. Once hot, place place lobster meat side down on grill for 3-4 minutes, you can also just keep checking it till it has some nice grill marks on it. After this, flip lobster shell side down and continue to cook for another 3-4 minutes or until the meat is clearly done (you can tell, it looks white when cooked and it isnt like... transparenty lookin anymore). For the claws, place them on the hottest side of the grill and let them bake the whole time the lobster bodies cook (8ish min total).While lobster is shell-side down, baste meat with Tarragon Beurre Blanc if desired (When you serve, you can put some of the sauce on the lobster meat or just put it in a bowl to be used as a dipping sauce (which is what I did (parenthesis))).

                                                                             BAM ~ !
Well, there it is. Y'all have a happy Vday, good luck and what not~!

Friday, February 11, 2011

It's supposed to be fun, dood~!

     Well, as most (?) of you know by now, I like cartoons quite a bit. Good ones that is, cause 90+% of TV is utter crap. I present you with a short animation by J.G. Quintel, the man behind Regular Show, which is one hell of a show, watch it if you don't already. Watch this first tho~!

If you're a fan of Regular Show like myself, you should recognize some of the characters in the video, heheh. I really really like this short because it is, after all, what Regular Show could have been had it been aimed at a more adult audience. However, I enjoy it even more because the show, even tho it is geared for kids, time and time again nods to the grownups and has quite a bit of read-between-the-lines sort of stuff that I find oh-so-enjoyable. 

Oh yeah... drugs are bad, kids. Hand em over. I'll uh.. get rid of them for you... and... protect you from them.


Also, it has come to my attention that CAVE STORY REMAKE FOR THE 3DS IS COMING~!!!!!

If you've played the original, you might (vaguely lol) recognize that picture. Its the starting area of the game. So much more detailed no? I am very excited about this. Needless to say, I commend Cave Story's creator, Pixel, for making such an awesome game to begin with and going with old-school graphics and sound. It gave the game a very refined NES game feeling that is rare to see these days for some reason. While some of the early adopters like myself would perhaps feel a little uneasy about such a great retro-style game being turned into a high-tech 3D adventure, consider the following: due to how long its been since the original's release and all the attention it has garnered, Pixel has already said "There's a very, very good chance we'll see a sequel".... excited yet? oh yeah, this is supposed to come out around 3DS launch in the US...
... I better start savin up for that...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rorschach test.

So? What do you see?
Me? Oh.. well... I....
I see RAGE.

Why?, it's simple really. Dead Space 2 is fuckin' hard. Not so much because its difficult, but rather, because I somehow manage to put myself in very very bad situations and then, for some ungodly reason, decide to save. I foolishly saved at the very last save spot with nearly no ammo, no health, no stasis. I even tried backtracking to the last shop to buy ammo/health but there are SO many zombie infested rooms before that store that by the time I reach it I am either about to die or out of completely out of ammo. Even if I somehow managed to get there with all my ammo and health I have no money or much of anything I can sell for money~! GAH. And then the final boss rapes me every single time I try, its just hopeless... so very hopeless.... but I really love the Dead Space franchise. I would even say it is my favorite new(ish) original series. 

Recently bought the iPhone Dead Space, its a really well made game. I normally do not encourage buying console-esque games on an iPhone, but this one had a lot of thought behind it and it plays beautifully. Controls are spot on, very responsive and work wonders. The graphics are pretty damn good, the game has lots of voicework in it, the story ties into the story for the console games. I have to say I am very pleased with how well made the game is. Could have been easy to just do a shitty port, but they did not. Check it out if you can, its damn good.

(and somehow, the title had almost nothing at all to do with my post. oh well)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


That's right people, count em, 151 (HYAKUGOJYUICHI DESU~!).
Behold, the ancient internets.

(I will return later today with a more... posty post, cause this is just celebratory nonsense)

Thanks for the follows guys.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cave and Stories, Dood!!

   Saw this on Kotaku earlier this morning (goddamn their new layout sucks doesn't it? I just freakin hate it..).
Doods (and doodettes), do you realize what is going on in the above image? That right there is a Prinny, dood. Ever played Disgaea, dood? No!? Well, you should, as that's where they are from and it's a great game with even better humor, dood! There's even, get this, horse wieners. No seriously, dood, you should check it out. But do that later, because there is more important things going on right now. Do you see what that dood is wearing, dood? Why, its a hat, scarf, and gun... but... don't they look familiar? Cave story dood. That is what the main character in Cave Story wears.. What could possibly be better than something to do with Cave Story and Prinnies? A truckload of horse wieners?!... No... besides what would you even do with that!? Anywho, here's hoping that whatever NIS has in store is awesome. They have not said anything about why they made this Cave Story Prinny, but it's to be assumed that there is something awesome on the way.

Never heard of Cave Story, dood? What is wrong with you?!... Go download it and check it out. Its good ol' sidescrollan, shootan, mimiga save'n fun. It is, trust me, just give it a shot.

On a completely unrelated note, I am at work and for some ungodly reason THIS is playing in the store.

Monday, February 7, 2011


My fellow bloggers, I would like to bring THIS SHIRT to your attention.

Notice the detail in the design-

- Nostalgic reference to the trolls of old.
- Great choice of colors. Would it be as good if that troll with the cool face had pink hair? No, no it would not.
- little blue stars, lots of little dots and things, and -SQUIGGLY LINES. Squiggly lines people! Do I really need to say any more?
- Just take 5 seconds out of your day and look at it. Check out that cool face. I'm sorry I get a little choked up when I take notice... what a cool face...

-YOU- could be wearing this very same shirt as the ladies ogle your manly figure and are taken aback by that cool coolface. Really, they will be clawing their way to get to you. I guarantee it.

So please, go >HERE< or if you cannot be assed to go there and vote this amazing shirt in, then simply click here.

So in summation, CLICK HERE AND VOTE~! (over and over again please).

Friday, February 4, 2011


This is a song about Russia, or Moscow specifically (I assume), but the video is as if the song was in Japanese.... meaning, they are sounding out the Russian lyrics and interpreting them in Japanese and that is what is being shown in the video!.... make sensu?.... >:3

Here's a translation from the Japanese (I got this from comments on the video, I didn't actually do it myself):

(part 1)
Moskau, Does a hand grow by salt? Nail thrown out gently, Go home.
Moskau, Gospel, I cannot tolerate, Mr. Degawa walking, funny indeed, String bean worshiped.
Sake, hey hey, it's a weird trouble, I am, I am spring, Turn and step, step, A4 for 100 yen, Man on a boat, rolling and singing. (Hey, hey, hey, hey!)

(part 2)
Moskau, Moskau, Dreaming Andy-san, Is he Uncle, is he Shah? Ho ho ho ho ho, Hey! My son, my son, dear Thumboy, Serious if you would lose him, Ha ha ha ha ha, Hey!
Moskau, Moskau, fingertips are curly, huh? Toilet War, a decisive battle, Ho ho ho ho ho, Hey! Muska, Muska, anyway pulls his tongue and eyelid, Pizza practically 3000 yen, Ha ha ha ha ha.

(part 3)
Moskau, This guy has a perfect body, Sphiegelde Tsardehi (meaningless), Woo, Venus cool.
Wo wo wo wo wo wo wo, Moskau, Eyeglasses wholesaler, Yeah, these are really good, High speedy boom.

(part 4)
Sake, fart fart funny replay, I am, I am spring, Turn and step, step, A4 Terry-man, Tea, stick out, fart out, ho! (Hey hey hey hey!)
Moskau, Moskau, dreaming Andy-san, Is he Uncle, is he Shah? Ho ho ho ho ho, Hey! My son, my son, dear Thumboy, Serious if you would lose him, Ha ha ha ha ha, Hey!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

まだ まだ いくよ~!

Some time in late 2003, I began frequenting a certain image board site that shall not be named. On this site, I have spent hours on end since then, just about every single day. My most favorite thing back in the day? Besides all the silly image macro's, was all the 2ch flashes. I LOVE THEM. I'd even go so far as to say 2ch is about 50% of why I bothered learning moonspeak (日本語). Now if only I knew a way to display the flash animations themselves rather than crappy and incomplete youtube vid's.... oh well till then.. this will do. His head should explode a the end.. but eh.. youtube....


Firstly, I'd like to say thanks for all the follows and comments! FINALLY passed the 100 mark! Here's hoping for 100 more! >:3

Wanted to share this pic which I saw earlier lurkin' on the 'net, it made my day:

... lol

And then, wanted to say you guys all suck! I was hoping someone would notice my Jake (adventure time) papercraft sittin on my monitor on my last post!!! BAH!~ But its alright... Thinkin about it... You know who else sucks?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Well, other than playing Dead Space 2 (which by the way is so freaking scary) and struggling to figure out how to get my rent paid, these last couple of days have been rather "meh". This morning, its been freaking windy, all of the pool chairs and stuff by the pool at my apartment complex got blown into the pool!... shoulda taken a picture but oh well... maintenance fished it out before I had a chance...

SOooooooooo I decided I am posting a picture of my "battlestation", or rather, my secondary battlestation. This is where I uh "work" selling medical supplies, renting wheelchairs, and (mostly) doing all sorts of nonsense on the internets -and- getting paid for it. >:3