Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ok people. Here's the deal...

I have 4 invites to I would love to share with whoever wants em cause the site is awesome, just plain freakin awesome, especially, if like myself you enjoy certain imageboards. Even more so if you enjoy(ed) THAT particular imageboard.

What is you ask? why its a site to "share and play with images". The site has its own photoshop-like tool built in so you can "remix" any picture you upload or see on the site. 

So how do you get that invite working? Well, its a little bit of a hassle atm but eh, IMO its worth it.

1- go to 
2- request invite
3- email (me) your facebook info so I can friend you.

Once I have friended you, I am able to use an invite on you. Sadly there is not an easier way to do this at the moment, but eh! juss doo eet~! >:3


  1. This looks like SO much fun.. but I doubt I'd use it longer than a week. :/

  2. Never heard about it. How do you exactly "play" with the images? Does it have a java/flash plug-in like oekaki boards? Does it support tablets?

  3. It's idea is awesome but do I really need to have a facebook to join? If so then hell no.

  4. Nice POST!!

    I wait on my BLOG!!!

    $upporting BRO!!!

  5. General responses:

    1- facebook is only a requirement for now as they are using facebook connect for invites. Dont want? wait till beta is over.

    2-it has some sort of plugin, I dont know exactly what, sadly, I am not that much of a nerd.

    3- tablets I believe are supported, mobile, however, is not (yet)

  6. That sounds like a good idea for a website haha.

  7. did you use your invites yet? I want in?

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