Monday, March 28, 2011

Return to the internets

Sorry for the very very long absence, lots of stuff happened this past month+ ...
for the time being, wanted to make a new post to let y'all know I am starting a new blog along side this one,

This blog isnt disappearing, I am just going to change things around a little, it seems like it might be better for me to have multiple blogs I guess...yup.
Anyway, here's a photo from the new blog, go there and start following it~!! I hope you enjoy~!
(its hueg, I know... new camera~!!)


  1. Yum! I gotta say I don't dig those twisty metal things to chop with - I find it quicker and easier to just chop with a pair of scissors...and the mix ends up finer - better to smoke through a bong.

    Also, I think you have the same TV as me...or at least the same remote control.

  2. Hello Man!!!

    Nice post!!!

    I wait on my blog!!!


  3. That grinder looks like its had its share of epic times.

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